Head Anatomy and Bird

Anatomy, Digital Draw, Illustration, Surreal, Traditional Art



Made in a traditional way, pencil on paper, then took a photo and added colors and other details digitally.

Some nights feel a little too big…



Rick and Morty Anatomy

Anatomy, Cartoon

A great (and a little weird) television show/cartoon! So I decided to make a “Anatomy poster” of them. 

More coffee!

Anatomy, Cartoon, Digital Draw

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I need coffee…

Anatomy, Cartoon

Oh Monday! I need coffee… a cup? two cups? Best pouring it directly on the brain…

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Needing so much coffee today…


Anatomy, Animation, Cartoon

My second attempt to animate some of my drawings.

Chewing Skull

Anatomy, Animation, Cartoon

My first attempt to animate some of my drawings.

Brush your teeth!

Anatomy, Cartoon
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Dental Caries 1.

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Dental Caries 2.


Mr. Cardio & The Lung Bros

Anatomy, Cartoon
CardioLungsfonts small

They control the oxygen supply to the neighborhood / Ellos controlan el suministro de oxígeno al vecindario.

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