Anatomy, Cartoon

I made the sketch of this “comic” about 3 years ago. I had the unfinished versión in my PC since that date. I was going to erase it this weekend, but decided to give it one more chance.


Tired of so much discussion and controversy, he decided to start consulting his problems with other organs…



And here you have the old original version of the draw, I didn´t even finish the painting…do you like it?

Discussion old


Oh! My lungs!

Cartoon, Digital Draw

Some cartoon anatomy: lungs



For those days you need a coffee, and after that another coffee and after that an extra coffee….

Vital Organs

Anatomy, Cartoon, Digital Draw

Harakiri Coati

Digital Draw

Part of the Suicidal Animals “Collection“…you could said that, as I have a few more of them…

Moving in



I have decided to move my blog from Blogger to the WordPress greener lands,…and to illustrate it accordingly.
The main reason to do so is that it has a phone app, making it easier to share photos of my work on-the-go. There are a lot of illustrations and draws I did not upload because it takes time to turn on the PC, download and rezise the photos (yeah…, a little lazy maybe), etc….
Another reasons are that I prefer wordpress interfaces and designs, and that I started to feel that Blogger is “away from the main road” of blogs and sharing media.
It would take me a few weeks to get use to this place and to arrange everything here, but I hope at the end everything look nice and tidy.
Hope to see you around here!